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For more than twenty years, our Company designs, invents and embroiders by hand, embroideries meant for furnishings and for decoration.

These embroideries, be they historical, classical or contemporary, celebrate our attachment to quality hand work and our fidelity to hundreds of techniques and stitches which form the richness of our handicraft.

Our company descends from a tradition that goes back to over a hundred years.

The partners: Malavika Shivakumar, Sandeep Rao, Patrick Savouret and Jean-Francois Lesage lead the company and it's 170 embroiderers.

Our Paris office, led by Sophie de Montozon and for the commercial part by Bénédicte Pin, ensure the link with our clients: Museums, decorators, architects, designers and upholsterers in Europe; Alexandre de Toulouse Lautrec is developing our activity in the USA. 

The only hand embroidery atelier in India to be certified SA 8000, we supply the most prestigious historical, classical or contemporary projects across the globe.

Our compnay celebrates with passion the talent and knowledge of our embroiderers, these discreet but brilliant actors in the service of beauty, savoir-faire and an ancient and yet living craft.




We work with more than 200 decorators, architects, designers and upholsterers across the globe.

Our most recent projects were for Francois Catroux, Carpenters Workshop Gallery, Jean-Louis Deniot, Jacques Garcia, Jacques Grange, Alberto Pinto, MHZ Londres, Christian Louboutin, private collectors, and other firms in Europe and in the United States: Muriel Brandolini, Cullmann and Kravis, Robert Couturier, Tony Ingrao, David Kleinberg, Peter Marino, Reddymade Design, Howard Slatkin, Michael Smith, Alan Wanzenberg, to name but a few.

During the coming months, you will discover our work for other renowned names from the field of decoration.






The Company